Lhompran Yeshe  Center has the purpose to transmit with simplicity, a few bases of the spiritual path  as there are taught in the tradition of tibetan buddhism  and also in the practice of Qi  Gong. In fact the path following there is more closed to be understood as a path in a quantum vision.

Lhompran Yeshe is the union of two words, of two cultures …….. lhompran is an old thai word meaning breathing ,  lhom meaning wind and pran, coming from prana,  yeshe,  tibetan word  translating as wisdom.

May be we can say that lhompran yeshe  means “the wisdom of the vital breath” or « The vital breath of the wisdom »

Jean Marc ( Lama Gelek Deundroup Choephel ), disciple of the 14em Dalai Lama and Gyabje Gosok Rinpoche is on the initiative of this small center of meditation. He performed  his monastic course and was with his master in Nepal during many years. He also followed the teaching of Master Liu Dehua, great master of Qi Gong and studied the massage in Thailand where he  got his diploma for the occupation of teacher.

His wish is to transmit the practice of the meditation to all those who wish to enjoy  the benefits of this practice, as well to serve the spiritual path as to transform our daily life and our vision of the world.


Mantras with Ama-La


 Our Living place   LUANG NUA village


Luang Nua, our village is located at 25 km from the city Chiang Mai.

It’s a small village, quiet, close to the mountains surrounded with rice fields.



Few coffee shops and restaurants, guest houses and rooms available,  close to the dam (lake), only 3 km, you can rent bicycles , motorcycles or even cars.


Yellow taxis service  (public transport)  when you want to go to Chiang Mai.

Our small center Lhompran Yeshe  and teaching place is located on the way to the dam at the exit of the village.


Our meditation and teaching room  



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