Meditation and Tibetan Buddhism




Regular Schedule :

Every tuesday evening  8 pm to 9 pm meditation and sound (Donation)

Every wednesday meditation from 8 am to 9.30 am  (300 thb)

Every sunday morning beginning at 8.00 am  (donation)


Tara Puja every  full moon and new moon (Buddha days) at 8.00 pm. To reconnect  with our female energy and do the experience of our mother love.





 Workshop  3 days (no accomodation)

The Path of the Bohisattva, Path of the Warrior of Light


6h30 / 7h30                                 Tsa Lung and Lu Djong (tibetan exercise)

                  Meditation : samatha

 7h30 / 9h00                                Breakfast

 9h / 11h30                                   Six Paramitas teaching and meditation

                                                            Five sacred syllables of the warrior

 12h / 14h00                               Lunch and rest

 14h / 16h                                     Six Paramitas and meditation

                                                            Five sacred syllables of the warrior

17h00 /18h00                           Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa Qi Go


Cost ;  4500 thb


Topics :

Anapasatti Sutra

Spiritual Alchemy or The Power of Transformation

Four foundations for concentration

Shine / Lathong (samatha/vipassana)

Progressive Path for the Spiritual Awakening

Lu Djong  and Tsa Lung, tibetan exercices

Qi Gong exercices

We can also organize training abroad as we do in Brazil, France and Irland. Just feel free to contact us.


Provence France July 2018

Meditation Thailand

 Meditation  France 2017


Meditation Ireland 2017

Meditation Brasil (Kimotchi Center)

Love and Joy









Meditation and Qi Qong Chiang Mai Doi Saket Thailand